Rapid Jet Dyeing Machine
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Jet Dyeing Machine


Our company is a proficient manufacturer of Jet Dyeing Machine, an advanced machine - used for dyeing of polyester using disperses dye. This machine compared to Winch machine is similar, but due to some intrinsic reasons, Jet Dyeing Machine was manufactured to eliminate the shortcomings of earlier machine like Winch, Jigger and beam dyeing units.

As the reel is completely eliminated from this machine, a closed tubal system exists, where the fabric is placed. This fabric is used for transporting through the tube, a jet of dye liquor is supplied through the venturi. Jet Dyeing Machine has the capacity of working at high temperature and pressure. The machine reduces the tendency of crease formation as the fabric is recurrently moved round the Jet.

Features of Jet Dyeing Machine:

  • Water Consumption is less
  • Dyeing is completed within short span of time
  • Easily operated at high pressure and temperature
  • High production
  • Material to liquor ratio ranges between 1:4 and 1:20


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